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    Updating dataset creation dates

    Hi I have an XYPLot and i want to add a series of data set containing each one two points. XYSeries Collection; public class Step Chart Example extends JFrame { ... If I feed JFree Chart with a Time Series of 173000 values, I have to go out for ... I would like it to have two range axes, one either side.My question is how to create a XYDataset with two points. I am using a Time Series Chart with annotations that correspond to items from my dataset(XYItem Entity displayed on the chart Panel). All the examples for dual axes that I've seen assign individual series to one axis or the other.The goal of the FERET program is to develop new techniques, technology, and algorithms for the automatic recognition of human faces.As part of the FERET program, a database of facial imagery was collected between December 1993 and August 1996.The DOD Counterdrug Technology Program sponsored the Facial Recognition Technology (FERET) program and development of the FERET database.

    The data in the Data Set can be filtered and ordered, and fields (like dates) can be converted to a specific type.

    I'm updating the chart dataset dynamically and notice a flicker on dataset change only if the Chart Panel has a transparent background and the JFree Chart has a transparent background paint (I want the background color of the JPanel that I have placed the Chart Panel on top of to show through). This goes on for 40 mins to an hour , it varies ... The data stored in the different series represent the value of a given parameter at a given point in time. The problem is that I can't seem to swap a chart's dataset at runtime (I've looked for methods such as Data Set, etc). Hi, summing up your data is not the responsibility of the Data Set. JFree Chart chart = Chart Factory.create Bar Chart ( "", // chart title "Test", // domain axis label "", // range axis label dataset, // data Plot Orientation. Here is what I've done: Code: Select all XYPlot()Renderer()Stroke(new Basic Stroke(0.0f, Basic Stroke.

    I am able to generate different types of graphs: line area shapes And Lines bar I need to also present: stacked bars pies and all of these graphs as 3D graphs. I'm using JFree Chart to build drillable web reports (i.e. final Number Axis range Axis0 = (Number Axis) Range Axis(); range Axis0Standard Tick Units(Number Axis.create Integer Tick Units()); final Number Axis range Axis1 = (Number Axis) Range Axis(); range Axis1Standard Tick Units(Number Axis.create Integer Tick Units()); Range Axis(0, range Axis0); Range Axis(1, range Axis1); Dataset(0, dataset1); Dataset(1, ... VERTICAL, // orientation false, // include legend true, // tooltips? CAP_ROUND, ..Series Shape() of cloned XYRenderer for 2nd dataset by paradoxoff Sat Feb 17, 2007 pm Hi there, First of all, I would like to say "thank you" for making such a great thing like JFree Chart available.

    - click on a slice of a pie chart, it displays data relating to that slice). OHLCDataset dataset=create Dataset(stock Id); ----------- -- - private OHLCDataset create Dataset(String stock Id) { int length_pair=pair.length;// Date[] date=new Date[length_pair 1]; double[] close Price=new double[length_pair 1]; double[] open Price=new double[length_pair 1]; double[] high Price=new double[length_pair 1]; double[] low Price=new double[length_pair 1]; double[] volume=new double[length_pair 1]; OHLCData Item[] data Item = new OHLCData Item[length_pair 1]; for(int i=0;i Problem adding new datatitem to OHLC Dataset by q2klepto Tue Apr 11, 2006 pm Hello I'd like to add to a dataset after ive created it, and have this data item update constantly as well as render in a different color.right now i cant seem to add the dataset item after ive originally created it..heres the code i ... I have spent some time to look for a charting program that would allow the creation of nice looking, feature-rich charts w/o learning a ...

    Using Pie Chart3DDemo1as a reference, say I had a database table with rows for Visual Basic, Java, C/C , PHP, Perl. Hi All I have the following problem: I have a XYcombined chart with 4 subplots in it and 4 XYSeries in each subplot. Reading in a dataset from a file by gmsc Fri Jul 07, 2006 pm Hi all, I hope you can help. David, I was doing some servlets with the new swingworker classes and I extended your Default Category Dataset so I could do threaded calls and allow my applets to update in the background.

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